What can we do as an individual and as a community?



First step is to acknowledge that there is a problem. Ever thought to yourself “My workplace is downright toxic”. Not sure if that’s an accurate statement? Whether being shout at with belittling words is a norm? Whether you should just tolerate being blamed for something your seniors had/not done?

  1. Management focuses on what employees are doing wrong

    A toxic management only thinks about someone to blame when things go wrong, instead on finding on a solution. You are rarely given a positive feedback for what is going right to reinforce good performance.

  2. You feel under appreciated

    There is little concern for your well-being. You feel like you solely exist to make someone else’s life better. And rarely you get acknowledged for something when things go well.

  3. You are pitted against one another

    You are expected to fiercely compete against each other, which is enforced by unrealistic performance measures that put the focus on individual performance, rather than team performance.

  4. Gossips and bad-mouthing

    Disgruntled workers are quick to gossip, and even quicker to hammer leadership for "dumb decisions." They spread their tumour by enlisting others into their negative spin campaign to vilify someone or something.

What to do when you feel burned out?

What can you do to support someone who is having difficulties coping with the negativities from work?