Toxic Work Environment in Healthcare

Workplace toxicity can arise anywhere, and healthcare facilities are no exception. A close cousin of burnout, toxicity isn’t always easy to spot. If an organization has interpersonal or institutional problems that make it hard to do your job or are harmful to your health, and especially if this happens at large scale, it’s a toxic place to work.

This definition leaves lots of room for interpretation, however. While toxicity is a know-it-when-you-see-it sort of thing to some degree, there are a few definite signs that should point you to greener, more flexible pastures.


Disrespectful behaviour dampens communication, encourages apathy & burnouts, and ultimately harms patients as well as healthcare providers.

— Donovan Mafnas, Impact Volunteer

Cure the Culture - the Objectives laid down

Cure the Culture is our driver of change to promote and influence healthcare professionals to adapt a more positive healthcare practice and work environment. As part of the movement, a one-year awareness campaign will be launched  to encourage the healthcare professionals to cure the culture of their workplace, to respect their fellow colleagues and adapt a more positive work ethic. We hope to:

  1. Raise awareness of the harassment happening in healthcare workplace

  2. Support and encourage healthcare professionals to speak up against harassment.

  3. Educate and equip healthcare professionals with tips and knowledge to fight against toxic healthcare work environment.

  4. Facilitate more conversations on improving healthcare work culture in Malaysia.  

  5. Encourage more balanced reporting and portrayal of harassment in healthcare practice in the news and media.