We are recruiting!


We are seeking for the following additions to our team. It will be challenging work, but you will get to engage matters concerning Malaysian healthcare in a mechanistic manner. Along the way, you will stand to build professional connections & remain in touch with community leaders.

We do expect you to work passionately. Be happy to learn, adapt, and participate.

Here are some of the positions we’re looking to recruit:

  1. Content curator
    Constantly be on the lookout for fresh ideas and work towards packaging and presenting these ideas to the greater public. These ideas should ultimately build towards the pillars of the campaign.

  2. Campaign manager
    To help seek and relocate resources that will bring the campaign to greater heights, either by reaching a greater audience, or by maximizing impact.

  3. Social media specialist
    Do you have a knack for engaging audience on social media platforms, while maintaining professional integrity? Digital marketing is a precious skill to have in today’s day and age, and is definitely more than meets the eye.

  4. Event manager
    We will be holding several events under the campaign, and we’ll need someone with an empowering personality, matched with a keen eye for detail to hold the reins. If reading that made your heart skip a beat, you’re probably the person we’re looking for.

  5. Finance & Sponsorship Manager

    Responsible for raising the money that will allow the campaign to accomplish its goals, the finance & sponsorship manager will keep track of the campaign’s funding, and oversee all fundraising events. One applying for this job should be highly organized, outgoing and willing to push the campaign toward meeting their fundraising goals.

If you’re interested to join the team, please send in a one page CV detailing your background and relevant past experience to curetheculture@gmail.com. A cover letter attached will be helpful.

Recruitment deadline: 31st of January, 2019.

Individuals from all backgrounds welcomed. However, a background in healthcare and public policy is preferred.